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Welcome to PurchasePLR.com – your source for high quality PLR products. I carry private label rights articles, autoresponder sequences, reports, ebooks and reviews. All the content found here is exclusive to this site, and you can’t buy PLR rights for it anywhere else.

Products found on this site comes with just 2 restrictions and one big important notice:

  1. Do not put my name on it
  2. Do not sell/share/give private label rights, master resale rights or resale rights to it

IMPORTANT: If your intention is just to hastily slap PLR up on a site that was built solely to put money in your pocket, this isn’t the PLR shop for you. As a retailer, maybe it’s not the wisest thing to be picky, but I want to work with people who care about the people on the other end – the people reading and potentially acting on the information you/we present to them.

If you can agree to that, take a look at what I have up for sale and when you find something you want, email me at jessicakihara@gmail.com


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